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UFAX.NET web-based faxing 

Add up the high cost of your dedicated phone line, long distance fees, new toner cartridges and all the WASTED PAPER.

Now compare that to the small cost and BIG benefits of UFAX and it is easy to see why your current faxing solution is expensive, inflexible, outdated and a drain on our environment.

With UFAX you can print only what you need, save your important faxes on your computer, and delete unwanted faxes before using paper and ink! UFAX also enables you to manage all of your faxes online at anytime from anywhere.

Plus, you can send faxes coast to coast for free... that's right, FREE!

Receive 1000 pgs/month inbound, and send 500 pgs/month outbound,
both included in the standard package! NO contracts ever!

UFAX.NET is proud to offer formsRus members and affiliates a special $4.99/mo rate that gets you 200 pages/mo inbound and 100 pages/mo outbound for a local or toll free UFAX number. Simply sign up for service at and use the promo code "formsrus" to get the discounted rate.

Want to sign up for service now or learn more about UFAX? Click here!

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